Makers teaching

Having had a little time to reflect on a presentation by Professor Susan Orr I have begun to consider some possible implications for my research. Particularly the role practitioners might play when engaging with students – or makers teaching (this borrows heavily from Susan’s ideas on making teaching/teaching making – the tensions in being a practitioner/educator and the status of practical subjects). These interactions often take place in agency boardrooms (see below) and provide a range of insights into the field habitus of the industry, or to borrow the idea of dichotomies – sites of experience/experiencing sites. The physical evidence helps define the personality of the agency from decor, displays of awards, examples of work or motivational exultations. A couple of years ago a female creative team were pitching their ideas to an agency to win an internship. They had seen that nearly all the team had beards so they drew on their own with markers before presenting. Of course they won and went on to work at the agency for 6 months before taking their next step.




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