Capital bonding


There was a top notch opportunity for students and staff from Solent to meet the Southampton Creatives network last night. In a regular event that Steve Cross from Rareloop has been central in developing, local agencies Carswell Gould, Etch3 Men & a Suit and fivebyfive (to name but four) were generous in spending time with students and a number of internship opportunities were discussed. The maze game that had been developed by a team from 3 Men & a Suit that day at #hacksoton (an event hosted at Etch) proved to be the perfect ice-breaker. These events are a great example of the inclusive micro-culture in Southampton where creative agencies from a range of disciplines are keen to support emerging talent and to represent the vibrant community of practice as a real alternative to going up to London. Opportunities like this serve to further enrich the social capital of our students, particular in developing bonds with local practitioners and to enable them through advice and opportunity to move from the ‘pre-periphery’ (Fuller, 2007).

Fuller, A. (2007) Critiquing theories of learning and communities of practice. In J. Hughes, N. Jewson and L. Unwin, Communities of Practice: Critical Perspectives, pp. 17-29. Oxford: Routledge.


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